Tree Trimming

It would be great if you know the basics of tree trimming because you will be able to do the majority of the entire project by yourself. There is undoubtedly a variety of some great trimming tips that one can use when carrying this out. Some of these techniques will keep your tree in excellent health and shape. With the right kind of knowledge and also quality equipment, you can potentially eliminate dangerous and also dead branches. If you are doing this all on your own, then you need to familiarize yourself with some of these trimming techniques. This guide will definitely help you.

Reasons to trim your tree:

–    To maintain the aesthetics of the tree is one of the main reasons. Pruning it will effectively help you maintain the shape and also the appearance of the tree. You should also never try and impose an irregular shape for the tree. The trimming can also potentially damage the tree so it should be appropriately done with the help of a professional.

–    Dead and broken branches can prove to be a safety hazard because they could just fall off at any time. And this could happen on a person, a car, and a bike, whatever. So when finding that the branch is dead, it must be adequately trimmed and as soon as possible. It is indeed a common occurrence that dead tree limbs fall on live power lines and cause power outages occasionally. When you can predict that a branch could potentially fall and cause some problems, you should have them trimmed as soon as possible.

–    Another important reason why you should do this is because it positively impacts the health of the tree. Some branches could get affected by some sort of infection. By removing these infected branches, you are saving the tree’s life. Another important reason to do this would be if some branches are intertwined and rubbing together, they should be trimmed, this can prevent forest fires and also some unexpected falls.

Tree Pruning

–    It is imperative that you carry out this process when the tree is dormant. There is a particular season when the tree would be dormant; you need to find out when that is and carry it out then. If it is an emergency, you can do it whenever you want, but doing this when dormant can also help the tree.

–    You should never trim a branch too close or even too long. Leave a large stub or at least leave the branch collar.

–    Be absolutely sure that the equipment you use in perfectly sharp and made from good quality materials so that the process is smooth and peaceful for you.