Grammas Tales

Gramma was born and grew up on a big dairy farm in Mid-Michigan. Her great-great grandparents were pioneers and cleared the land and settled there in 1850. Gramma’s family still lives on that land. Gramma was an only child until she was 13 and her little sister Susan was born.

Gramma’s Momma made up songs and stories and imagination games for them to play.

Gramma’s Daddy had many cows and sold their milk to the people in the city. He also tilled the pastures and grew corn and wheat and hay for the animals to eat.

Growing up on a farm has given Gramma many ideas for children’s stories. When Gramma was little, she got to milk cows, help feed the baby calves and lambs, gather eggs from the chicken coop, and drive the tractor to help Daddy.

Gramma also got to play in the woods by her house and spend lots of time at her Grandmother’s, who lived just down the road and had a chicken hatchery and farm. Gramma got to help with the baby chicks. Gramma has four children and six grandchildren that she writes stories for and gets ideas for stories from.

Gramma lives in a little blue house with many beautiful flower gardens. She also has a vegetable garden where she grows tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn and sunflowers. Gramma has two bird feeders and a bird-bath in her front yard. Any bird that is hungry or needs a drink of water is welcome at Gramma’s yard.

Gramma also has bunnies and squirrels that she feeds. Sometimes the bunnies want to eat the vegetables in Gramma’s garden, so she has to put a little fence around it and give the bunnies lettuce that she buys to keep them happy. Gramma feeds the squirrels a special mix of corn, sunflower seeds and peanuts. They like the peanuts best.

In the wintertime, Gramma sits in her warm, little blue house, watches the snow fall outside her big window and makes beautiful cross-stitched pictures of Angels.